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Practice Areas

The Law Office of J. Harrison Phillips, III is involved with and handles matters pertaining to a wide variety of case types. The attorneys have experience and are comfortable litigating on clients' behalf both in and out of the courtroom. Let them help you with determining the best steps to take with regard to your matter. 
DUI/ DWI/ Traffic


The process after being arrested for drunken driving can be complex and frustrating. There are unforeseen consequences around every corner, whether pertaining to the MVA or the disposition of the Court. Convictions for such offenses can have lasting impacts and consequences.


Both Mr. Phillips and Mr. Mancini are experienced in handling matters pertaining to offenses arising from basic speeding tickets to DUI defense.


Each attorney brings years of experience and has had success litigating cases relating to defending these types of offenses as well as counseling clients on the appropriate steps to take to remedy any situation.



Real Estate and Property Law

Buying and selling real estate often seems simple. But there is more than meets the eye with regard to these transactions. Most people often think "I have a real estate agent, why do I need a lawyer?".


The truth is you don't need a lawyer, but it is very beneficial to allow an attorney to review all the financial documents, deeds, mortgages, and title abstracts in advance of a settlement to protect yourself in case issues arise. And they do arise more than you might like to think.


The situation of buying and selling a home is stressful enough, rest a little easier and let the The Law Office of J. Harrison Phillips, III help you during the process to ensure you are being cared for throughout the process.

Wills and Trusts & Estates


Preparing for difficult moments in advance makes life just a little easier when that time eventually comes. Let Mr. Phillips and Mr. Mancini help you plan for when that time comes. 


Both attorneys bring valuable knowledge with regard to planning for life after death. Whether it is drafting a will to ensure your loved ones are accounted for or representing your estate to account for your assets, both attorneys can assist you in handling and planning for these inevitable moments in life.


Criminal Law


Criminal offenses charged in both the District and Circuit Court often require the assistance of an attorney. Each of the attorneys has the skill required to represent defendants charged with criminal offenses.


Our office will research case law, interview witnesses, extensively review the evidence, negotiate with the State’s Attorneys and the Court. From the initial interview to trial, each of the attorneys will help with every step of the process and will ensure the best possible outcome for your case.



Divorce and Family Law

Going through a difficult break-up at any point in life is hard. Terminating a marriage is even more difficult. When it comes to determining what belongs to whom, custody of children, child support, use of the home, and all of the other matters pertaining to ending a marriage, it can be overwhelming. 


Mr. Phillips and Mr. Mancini can assist you during the process and guide you on the steps to take to appropriately terminate your marriage without the "loose ends" which can become entangled by handling the matter on your own. Let them help you move on with life after your marriage and appropriately counsel you through those challenging decisions.

Civil Litigation

Filing a lawsuit is always the last resort with resolving a dispute. Sometimes it is best to have a zealous advocate in your corner to assist you in getting a positive outcome.


Conflict can often be a heated and stressful process whereby your patience and civility will be tested. Attorneys are trained and experienced in handling these situations. 


Whether you have a contract dispute, are involed in an auto accident, or need to collect a debt owed to you, let Mr. Phillips and Mr. Mancini aid you during the most contentious disagreement.

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